Embrace your natural self.

In a Nature Cabin.

Nature Cabin is a unique tiny house. It combines clarity of form with expert craftsmanship and a consistently sustainable approach to the materials used. Glass elements bridge the divide between interior and exterior, conveying a feeling of unlimited space. The wood provides a sense of security and warmth. Life and living – in harmony with nature.


From the heart of the Bavarian Alps.
Packed full with our values.

Our wood comes from the mountain forests of the Isarwinkel region. Family-owned for centuries, these woodlands are managed and maintained responsibly from generation to generation. Hot Alpine summers, blustery autumn storms, icy cold and snowy winters shape not only the wood of our trees but also the people who live here. For us, perfection in construction isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Those who work with wood here draw on the knowledge of generations – whether in the forest or in the workshop.

Nature Cabin. A premium tiny house,
made for our time.

Our planet needs new solutions, especially when it comes to the way we build and live. Mies van der Rohe's maxim "Less is more" leads us to a new minimalism in house building that grants us greater quality of life and freedom. Fewer materials, but better ones. Less space, but more comfort and cosiness. Fewer of life’s burdens, better thought-out spatial concepts instead. In a Nature Cabin, life becomes easier and richer through a new harmony with nature.